Dec. 9th, 2008 07:04 pm
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Okay, the job thing is moving somewhat.  I've got an appointment with a recruiting agency next week.  Also, Ivy-chan is the greatest thing ever to happen to the world.  When I put up my Christmas list, she sent me a ton of wonderful jasmine oolong tea and a fabulous sweater hoodie.  Then I saw she'd posted a fantastic crackfic.  I think I'm just having a great night. *bliss with tea*

Everyone go love on Ivy now.
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I've applied for so many jobs tonight that I'm going crosseyed.  I am absolutely freaking out.  My current job is ending in barely over a week and I haven't saved nearly as much as I wanted to save.  With the economy the way it is, I have no idea if this will work or if I'll just run out of money and be forced to come crying back to my parents to start all over again.  It took me a year and a half just to get this far.  I don't know if I can do it again.

I did, however, get a real worry off my chest.  I ate the money to take advantage of some amazing sales last night and got some clothes that fit, including a suit (which I've needed for ages) and, uh, bras (mine have been falling apart, which you just had to know).  Now if I can only replace my shoes, which I've worn the heels off...

Ah, well.  I'm not saying I'm poorer than anyone else.  I'm just freaking out.
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That's right, folks, the un-Tori-like red and black is gone!  Instead, you will find her LJ to be full of sylvan colors like grey-green and...grey.  Hrm.  Well, they're colors Tori likes.  The red and black was looking too emo-wannabe, and it's kind of an obsolete color scheme now that The Halfway Point is finished.

So far, I like being a vegetarian.  I've been doing it for about a month now, and I don't miss meat.  Restaurants can be a little tricky, and I've had one friend so far bait me into a debate on vegetarianism (which I swore I'd never get into) with the attitude that she obviously knows more about it than I do.  It's okay, I'm used to her.  She's never wrong, heh.


Aug. 14th, 2008 09:48 pm
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I appreciate all the good wishes.  I got all my files off my computer before restoring it.  Whew!
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My computer won't boot up.  I'm on my parents' computer at the moment.  I'll be striving to save my files.  Stories, music, compositions...*weeps*
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Today, I finally bought a book about going vegetarian.  It's an idea I've liked for months now, and while I haven't quite made the plunge yet, I'm way excited.  Thinking about leaving yogurt open as an option, but since straight dairy doesn't really agree with my digestive system anyway, it shouldn't be a problem.  Maybe eggs if they're in a bread, but I don't like straight eggs.  Still deciding about fish.  Still deciding about all of this, really.

This is all for health purposes, really.  I've heard so much about how healthy vegetarians are, and it makes me jealous, so I'm on the brink of going veg myself.  Not TOO much of a leap, 'cause I almost never eat red meat if I can help it, and chicken is becoming less and less appealing, and I really do love veg meals.  So uh.  Thinkin' about it.  Might allow myself unagi now and then, 'cause it's awesome.  Either way, I probably won't be super-strict.  I definitely want to keep honey as an option.  Not that I use it a lot, but I like it.
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While TMNT remains my one true fandom, Usagi Yojimbo has spawned more music-writing from me in the past two days than TMNT has since I first loved it as a child.  Yesterday it was a song inspired by UY issue #93.  Now it's a little orchestral theme for the character of Usagi.  I wanna write the music for an Usagi movie so bad.  If they can do Kung Fu Panda so well, why not Usagi?  Granted, I'd prefer Usagi to be more mature.  And a series on Adult Swim rather than a movie, because really, how could you possibly fit all the awesomeness of Usagi into one movie?  But if there's ever an Usagi movie, I want to write the score.  That'd be a real dream.

In the meantime, my boss is insane.  It makes me really want to write a humor fic where the turtles are members of society and have jobs, just so I can write them in Dilbert-esque office settings like the one mine has become.

Planning on rewatching NT.  Again.  I do this now and then to touch back on canon and fall in love with it all over again.  It's a nice refresher course.  This time, I think I'll jot down my favorite little things about each episode an post them here as thoughts to share with other fans.

Also, it's official: I'm planning a trip to Disney World.  With Winnychan and her boyfriend, and hopefully another friend.  Looks like it'll be a four-day excursion.  I can't wait!


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