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More thoughts on NT

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I rewatched A Better Mousetrap and Attack of the Mousers, and here are my thoughts.

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Stuff I noticed rewatching this ep.

1. Leo =  Ceiling Turtle
2. First interaction we get sets up the conflict between Leo and Raph.
3. Random fly is a wonderful wordless way to demonstrate Mike's personality.
4. Mike catches fly.  The ground shakes.  I love it.
5. Leo is the first to notice Splinter's difficulty and rallies the others to help him.
6. In the first five and a half minutes of the show, we see Leo be responsible, Raph smash things, Don use technology, and Mike be easily distracted.
7. I love how the relationship between Raph and Mike is set up so quickly and simply, Raph occasionally bullying Mike, who takes it in stride.
8. Raph says "Follow my lead."  Raph REALLY wants to be in charge.  But we see in a few minutes how that turns out--he's too independent, not team-oriented enough to lead.
9. Serious situation and Mike still finds opportunities to make jokes.
10. I love how laid back Don is here, a little playful.
11.  "If we run like crazy."  "Is there any other way to run?"  Love Mike.
12. These jokes are so close in-between, Mike has to live his whole life like this.  It's a way of life, not just constant attempts at being funny.
13. Where did Mike come up with that piece of paper for the fake ticket?
14. Don looks so devilish when he whips out those screwdrivers.
15. Those little mousers have a lot of personality.
16. There is no such thing as a double phoenix punch, is there?
17. I tell you, Splinter's not THAT good!  He improvises!  He fakes it!  He falls into a hole and pretends some inner sight led him to the perfect lair when the boys come back!
18. Okay, so Raph was trapped in the back of that truck, but now that they're escaping with it, there's no wall or anything between the front and back.  Continuity girl!  Where are you?
19. Leo, as usual, is the first to follow Splinter into the unknown.  He also speaks for them all.  "We couldn't agree more, Master Splinter."
20. First thing we know about the Shredder?  He's Bad News.  He sits there and calmly drinks tea before slaughtering an underling.  Awesome.


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