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It's a new fic!  Fifty sentences about Usagi Yojimbo, for the community [profile] 1fandom.

Note: this is not a TMNT fic.  It's strictly UY.  I wanted it to be better than this, but this is now what it is.  Thanks to Winnychan and Aubretia Lycania for their help.

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While TMNT remains my one true fandom, Usagi Yojimbo has spawned more music-writing from me in the past two days than TMNT has since I first loved it as a child.  Yesterday it was a song inspired by UY issue #93.  Now it's a little orchestral theme for the character of Usagi.  I wanna write the music for an Usagi movie so bad.  If they can do Kung Fu Panda so well, why not Usagi?  Granted, I'd prefer Usagi to be more mature.  And a series on Adult Swim rather than a movie, because really, how could you possibly fit all the awesomeness of Usagi into one movie?  But if there's ever an Usagi movie, I want to write the score.  That'd be a real dream.

In the meantime, my boss is insane.  It makes me really want to write a humor fic where the turtles are members of society and have jobs, just so I can write them in Dilbert-esque office settings like the one mine has become.

Planning on rewatching NT.  Again.  I do this now and then to touch back on canon and fall in love with it all over again.  It's a nice refresher course.  This time, I think I'll jot down my favorite little things about each episode an post them here as thoughts to share with other fans.

Also, it's official: I'm planning a trip to Disney World.  With Winnychan and her boyfriend, and hopefully another friend.  Looks like it'll be a four-day excursion.  I can't wait!


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