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My friends, I am now employed.

The best part?  It's an 8-5 FULL-TIME switchboard job with a bank.  I get to dress like a GIRL, in PRETTY clothes.  I talk to people on the phone all day.  Then, I go home and have a LIFE.  Hopefully.  I WILL be eligible for benefits!  I WILL have weekends off!

In short, this will be the best job I've ever had.

Had a nice two days visiting college friends.  Got feedback on writing for touring opera companies.  Bought a beautiful teapot for 8 bucks and, somewhere else in the market, a matching Asian-style teacup for 1.  Just had WAY too much tea in order to break said china in (perhaps a poor choice of words).  So if anyone comes to visit, I'll have a special teapot to serve you with!

Also sifted through BAZILLIONS of TONS of comics, and the only TMNT-related things I could find were the parody of it with hamsters and the boys making a guest appearance in another series.  This person had a metric ton of Marvel and DC comics--Fantastic Four, Batman, Superman, blahblahblah, all kinds of stuff.  I mean, there were about ten STUFFED boxes of comics, and NOTHING from TMNT.  No Usagi Yojimbo, either, which I'm also on the lookout for, since my next "big project" is partially set in Usagi's world.  So.  Amidst Captain America and some REALLY cheesy-looking things, there was nothing but that one little guest appearance in that one little issue.

So.  I start work on Wednesday.  And soon, I will have an INCOME!


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