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I was trying to figure out what is wrong with my TMNT fanfic-writing mojo.  I'm getting excited about TMNT again, what with some new issues of Tales that are amazing as well as the new anniversary special.  But when I try to write fanfic, it feels like touching burned skin to make sure it's healed and finding it still hurts.

That made me plunder my head for the reason I write fanfic, and the reason I keep despairing at writing for TMNT.  It occurred to me that I really don't consider a creative work successful until it means something to someone else.  For about a year, probably longer, most reviews received in the fandom are short "I like it!  Update soon!" reviews that give no indication of whether or not the reviewer remembered the fic after they navigated away from the page.  Getting practically nothing but those kinds of reviews really started leaving me cold, like I'd lost my touch, or like I was no longer needed--obsolete, somehow, or at least I'd lost any sort of unique fingerprint.

But then there were those few reviews that really sounded like they were interested in the fic.  I need to focus on THOSE readers and write for them.  That would get me back in the game, even if I was just writing for two or three people.  I could really ENJOY writing TMNT if I remembered that I was writing for people who found meaning, or at least entertainment, in my stories.  The fact that those people are vastly outnumbered by "Update soon" people just made it harder to remember they were there, and I really apologize.

...I have FIVE multichapters to finish--three in TMNT, one in Star Trek, and one in Elfquest.  But Endgame is SO CLOSE to being finished, maybe I'll start with that.
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Thanks again, Kame!

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Thanks go out to Kameterra, my glorious beta.

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Title: Endgame
Author: Tori Angeli
Summary: Sequel to The Halfway Point. An enemy who knows Raphael's secret strikes at his weakest point. Meanwhile, Donatello tries to deal with the unthinkable when Leonardo's vengeance returns to him from a source neither thought possible.
Rating: M/R
Warnings: Language and violence.


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