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Here it is, folks--chapter 15, the very last chapter.  Many, many thanks to my readers, who are the best readers in the universe.  Millions of thanks to Aubretia Lycania, my wonderful beta who never let me put out crap.  It's been neat to write this.

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FINALLY.  And just after this thing won both Best Tragedy/Angst and Best Villain in the fanfic comp awards!  Thanks, guys!

Contributions from Aubretia Lycania, who also betaed.

I ain't scared )
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Merry Christmas!  Thanks to Aubretia Lycania, the beta of awesome, who made some contributions to the chapter.  This is likely to be the last update of the calendar year.  The next one will definitely take place prior to Jan. 5, though, so not too long a wait.

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And here we find out one reason this story has the title it has.  Betaed by the awesome Aubretia Lycania.

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Here it is! Chapter nine should follow soon.

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Things get bad.

I'm sure I'm losing readers due to the dark nature of the fic, but I promise there will, in fact, be plenty of C to complement all the H (y'know, hurt/comfort...I haven't slept).  But it will get worse before it gets better.

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Thanks to Aubretia Lycania for beta-ing this chapter for me.

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Stolen from GreenWillow and WhiteAdelphi:

Click here to create your own painting.

I am thisclose to finishing the next chapter of The Halfway Point. It's a different one. Rather than being a conglomeration of emotional scenes, this brings about a twist to the plot. Things change after this one. It even has action!

I think my novel for NaNoWriMo will be in the sci-fi space opera type genre, although I'm tempted to go all Spazzy Ridiculous Humor with it instead. Is it okay to use a story idea you started to write years ago, but LOST years ago due to the crashing of the Evil Compaq Harddrive (for those who don't know, Compaqs last until the DAY after their warrantee expires, then BLOW UP. They have a BOMB by the little mouse thing).
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April, Don, Leo, and Raph.

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Casey becomes a source of many complicated feelings, and not all Raph's dreams are nightmares.

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Summary: Mike thinks about things, Leo makes things worse, and Splinter talks to Raph.

What Michelangelo Doesn't Know )
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Title: The Halfway Point
Author: Tori Angeli
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Very dark. A somewhat graphic but not super-explicit non-consensual adult situation is told in pieces. It is not pornographic in the least, and no worse than an episode of Law and Order: SVU. Language is used (they use it, not me), and there is violence aplenty. I try to handle all these subjects with as much maturity as possible. If you like darkness, this is your thing. If you like dark h/c, this is your thing. If you want to test the waters of a genre darker than fluff, this is not your starting point.
Summary: An alternate outcome of Eighteen Minutes. When a brother is attacked, the entire family is wounded. Sometimes, healing is harder than staying hurt.
Author's Notes: It is not necessary to read Eighteen Minutes to understand this, but I wouldn't complain if you did, and you would have a clearer picture of what happened prior to this fic. The story was nagged into me by the evil Aubretia Lycania and nurtured by a host of friends as it was written.
Disclaimer: I don't own TMNT. At all. Not even a hair off April's head.
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