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I have to come clean: mods make me hella nervous and defensive.  This isn’t one in particular, just in general, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a game or a forum or a Presidential debate.  Therefore, my rule is typically, “Don’t engage ever.”  Not to compliment, not to ask for something, nothing.  I had this exact policy when I used to work with doctors.  Some were really nice and some were prima donnas, so I treated even the nice ones with caution.  It’s best not to incite anything.  Heck, pretty much everyone reading this gets it.  Everyone’s had bad mod experiences.

So with my mod-paranoia in full force, I approach my mod-musings with a realization that I am retroactively surprised about: I am actually okay with admitting to myself that the mods here at Luceti are really, really cool.  None of them have the “small name, big ego” trip going on.  All are approachable and flexible and they tag around instead of playing just with each other like modship is a tier on an RP hierarchy.  I have never had a problem with a mod in Luceti.  Not once.  None have waved the mod-flag just because I disagreed with them, and none have acted like they have the Divine Knowledge of All Things Fandom.  They don’t expect special treatment outside the game just because they’re mods.  They’ve just been helpful people who take very seriously the responsibility to maintain a game many enjoy.  That whole responsibility in conjunction with authority thing is really nice.  Humility is nice.  They’re moderators, they’re not our employers.  If problems pop up, they handle them maturely and as peacefully as possible.  I feel as at ease around these mods as I think I am capable of, and feeling more at ease as time goes on.  Maybe there’s lingering anxiety, but I’m not going to be cured overnight.  None of the mods in Luceti have given me cause to feel this way, and the fact that it’s getting better says a lot.  Still, more important than my neurotic tendencies is that I can say, without hesitation, that I completely and utterly trust them with my beloved home game.  I’d do a trust fall to demonstrate, but we’re already doing that this very moment with the talk of moving the game.

Something I have to remember sometimes is that a mod in a game is a volunteer.  They’re not running a business.  When they do right by me, they’re not “doing their job,” they’re doing it out of pure goodwill with nothing to gain.  No one is going to stop them or make them behave if they all refuse to cooperate with us and turn Luceti into their own personal sand box , which happened in one game I played in.  Instead, they strive to make this a nice game for everyone, and I think they do a spectacular job.  They’re a great team.

This all may sound like brown-nosing, but I don’t really have anything to gain by it.  Luceti isn’t a workplace (thank God), there aren’t any special favors to be gained by being a schmoozer (thank God), and these are not the types of mods where you have to be on their good side in order to function in the community (THANK GOD).  They deserve my support and a hearty well done, and that’s the only reason to write this.  Heck, just posting this and thinking about them potentially reading it makes me crazy-nervous because I do not draw mod attention, but it needs to be said.

So this is my personal shout-out to you mods of Luceti, and others can join me if they like.  Akai, Kyo, Masa, Emily, and Cata the Baby Mod: you have been tremendous.  In giving us the option of a move from Livejournal to Dreamwidth, you have exposed yourself to the near-certainty of a Herculean task.  Whatever is decided, the transition is not going to be easy, and it’s only the support and patience of your fellow players that’s going to make it any easier on you.  I just want each of you to know you have mine, wholeheartedly and with no reservations, whichever announcement is made.

Now, I would ask that you all join me in a verse of “Be Kind to your Mod-Hatted Friends.”
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This is, uh, "official headcanon" for my character on Luceti. For anyone else reading it, it's just a fanfic.  The female OC in this isn't supposed to be very likable, but since it's Horatio's POV and he can tend to romanticize women in his head, this is how she's seen by him.

The Worst Idea )



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