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I am writing to you from work.  MY LAST DAY OF WORK.

I am so psyched.  I should not be this psyched.  I'm gonna take some time off, I'm gonna get healthy again, I'm gonna go to sleep when it's dark and wake up when it's light, I'm gonna go to church...SQUEE!

And, like I did this summer, I'm gonna treat writing like my job.  Which is good, because in addition to the remainder of The Halfway Point, I have SO MANY PROJECTS planned.

So that's...20 stories altogether?  A lot of people don't write that many EVER.  Fortunately, I've been very active on this RPG some friends and I have going on (go to the the terrapintarts community to see the logs) and I don't think I have any big scenes coming up, so RPing for that right now is pretty much going to be at my leisure.  Maybe I can get some of this stuff done.  Still, I might have to adopt out some of these bunnies.  I think 6, 7, and 10 are the ones I'm the least attached to.  I've already started writing on #8, #9, and the first Quality Time fic.  So yes, 6, 7, and 10 are up for negotiation.  ONLY 6, 7 and 10.  If you're interested in adopting a bunny, let me know.

All this said, I'd like to take a moment to rant about the rampaging "little brother" thing going on in this fandom.  I guess the main problem is the fact that so few females know how to write males being males.  See, if a girl refers to her sister as "little sister," it's a term of endearment.  No insult intended or taken.  However, if a boy refers to his brother as "little brother," it's derogatory.  Males don't like being referred to as "little" in any sense.  I mean, yes, in the new movie, Leo calls Mikey "little brother."  But that's to Mikey, who tends to let things like that roll off his back.  Shell.  Whatever.  If he called DON that, it would be insulting.  Calling RAPH that would be asking to get his head taken off.  I think the worst part of this comes in whenever I see Raph calling Don "little brother."  I hate that, and not because I consider Don to be one of the older two.  Not only would it offend Don, but it's misleading.  Don is no one's "little brother."  He's a younger brother.  Not a little brother.  Writers see this "little brother" thing as a sign that it's okay for them to make Don act like a dear little kid.  It's a symptom of Girly!Don.  A lot of writers who refer to Don as someone's little brother miss the inherent maturity in Don.  And even though I think Raph is younger, Don should not be calling Raph his "little brother."  Neither should Leo.  Not unless one of them wants to push his buttons, and it's not even the kind of insult Don would use.

Furthermore, protectiveness is not an exclusively "older sibling" quality.  The guys are all protective of each other.  Just because Don doesn't seem especially protective of Raph does not make him younger.  Raph isn't especially protective of Don, either.  When it comes to Raph, Don is more of the kind of older sibling I grew up with--alternately nagging and indulgent.  He nags in the new movie.  In NT, he makes him the shell cycle.  So quit using Raph's general protectiveness as "proof" that Raph is older.  It's STILL not canon.

On a further geeky note, the lodge's angel got fixed today.  It's this angel made of Christmas lights, and yesterday, one of its wings went out.  I called it our "One-Winged Angel."  Of course no one knew what I was talking about.


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