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Name:Tori Angeli
Birthdate:Dec 26
Location:United States of America
I assume because you are reading this that you are interested, so I'll try to make it worth your time. My pen name is Tori Angeli, full name Maria Victoria Angeli. It is not my real name. It is not the name of my Mary Sue counterpart. Actually, the name initially belonged to a minor character in an original story of mine a few years back. I detested her--she was one of those disposable villains who tries to blackmail the main character into sleeping with her, things like that. A viper. She was killed fairly quickly in the story, but I liked her name so much that I decided to go with it for a pen name.

In high school I dabbled in BTVS/ATS fan fiction under alias "Crescendo," but very little of that saw the light of day, and I mostly did it as a point of bonding with a friend of mine. I wrote a little LOST fan fiction during its first and second seasons, but ended up being so swamped in college work that I didn't write much of anything for some time aside from a little original fiction. And music. Lots and lots of music.

Now that I have gotten my World's Most Useless Degree, I am beginning to turn to more mature topics--specifically, talking anthropomorphic turtles who fight crime with MAD NINJA SKILLZ. Like most children growing up around the late 80's and early 90's, I watched the old Ninja Turtles cartoon. Like all 5-7 year old girls back then, I had a crush on Raphael. I watched and watched the movies. I played with the action figures. I probably grew out of it about the time the rest of my siblings did.

After that, the turtles were simply sort of fond memories that brought vague feelings of nostalgia until the 2007 movie came out. The movie was so badly advertised that I didn't know it had come out until my friends suggested we go see it. We did, and I didn't expect to like it. I had a blast. I went home and looked up old episodes on YouTube, and eventually discovered the new cartoon series. I liked that, too. Eventually, out of curiosity, I ventured into the fan fiction area and was shocked to find a great number of truly gifted writers in the fandom. Many are my age or older. Inevitably, I started getting ideas, and inevitably, I signed up.

This journal is here for any writing I don't want to put up on for various reasons (for example, mature content, albeit not quite explicit). For other stories of mine, go visit my profile there. My username is MTAngeli. That's where most of my stories will be found.

There are a few things to remember about my writing.

1. I will tell you what a story is rated for (language, violence, mature content, sexual content). I normally won't give really specific warnings (eg. Warning! This chapter deals with sexual assault!) because, like many authors, I really don't want to give away anything that happens. Published books don't do this, so I don't think I should have to. It's really easy to skip anything you don't like.

2. In lieu of warnings, I'm going to tell you here and now what you will not find in my stories.
a. Explicit consensual or non-consensual sex. If I write a story with sex in it, it will be the PG-13 fade-to-black sort.
b. MPreg (male pregnancy). Because it's about the trippiest thing in fan fiction.
c. Porn.

3. Here are some things you may find in my stories.
a. Violence. Blood. Grossness.
b. Verbal, physical, and/or sexual assault or abuse (the latter will be done as non-graphically as possible in order to retain tastefulness)
c. Fluff (I used to think there should be warnings for this)
d. Grey moral situations
e. Language, which may or may not include the f-word. I normally try to keep things clean, but if a story involves a gritty situation with gangsters, it's just gonna happen. Otherwise, it wouldn't be believable. I do not use such language myself--keep in mind that I am writing for characters, not myself.
f. Character death. While I hate doing it, I won't limit myself by saying I won't do it ever.

4. This is very important. I LOVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Flames will meet the power of my asbestos suit. But I'll take all the concrit I can get. If you think the story would be twice as interesting if I did this, then tell me and I'll try to work it in! I am always trying to become a better writer, and I can't do it without you guys!

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