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That's right, folks, the un-Tori-like red and black is gone!  Instead, you will find her LJ to be full of sylvan colors like grey-green and...grey.  Hrm.  Well, they're colors Tori likes.  The red and black was looking too emo-wannabe, and it's kind of an obsolete color scheme now that The Halfway Point is finished.

So far, I like being a vegetarian.  I've been doing it for about a month now, and I don't miss meat.  Restaurants can be a little tricky, and I've had one friend so far bait me into a debate on vegetarianism (which I swore I'd never get into) with the attitude that she obviously knows more about it than I do.  It's okay, I'm used to her.  She's never wrong, heh.
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Today, I finally bought a book about going vegetarian.  It's an idea I've liked for months now, and while I haven't quite made the plunge yet, I'm way excited.  Thinking about leaving yogurt open as an option, but since straight dairy doesn't really agree with my digestive system anyway, it shouldn't be a problem.  Maybe eggs if they're in a bread, but I don't like straight eggs.  Still deciding about fish.  Still deciding about all of this, really.

This is all for health purposes, really.  I've heard so much about how healthy vegetarians are, and it makes me jealous, so I'm on the brink of going veg myself.  Not TOO much of a leap, 'cause I almost never eat red meat if I can help it, and chicken is becoming less and less appealing, and I really do love veg meals.  So uh.  Thinkin' about it.  Might allow myself unagi now and then, 'cause it's awesome.  Either way, I probably won't be super-strict.  I definitely want to keep honey as an option.  Not that I use it a lot, but I like it.


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