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The problem with fanfic writing is the fact that many canons, sooner or later, simply run out. In the case of TMNT, no worthwhile new stuff besides a few sporadic comics has come out since the last movie. It's pretty much been a two-year dry spell. After that much time, writing from the same material over and over again starts to feel a little stale. Ideas run dry, and authors lose interest when all inspiration is two years old.

Ending this fandom famine is beyond the power of the fans themselves—at least, we cannot influence each other enough to revive the fandom as a whole. The event that will inspire TMNT artists and writers again will be the introduction of new, quality TMNT canon. The upcoming movie might do it. I doubt Turtles Forever, as good as it looks, will do it because it's barely even advertised, and the only people who will know to watch it will be kids and hardcore fans. It's only showing once, to boot.

I wonder what would happen if fans started sending letters and emails to Nickelodeon, expressing hope that they will take the franchise in the right direction and specifying what that right direction would be, citing examples of the first comics and the new animated series' first four seasons. I wonder how they're supposed to know the Turtles fanbase has grown up unless we tell them.

I wonder how many people would be interested in a spam project like that. I could do a little research to find contact information, write up a couple generic letters for people who have no time to write one of their own, things like that. The hardest part would be getting the word out. Still, if it's spread to enough people, it might yield some interesting results.

As older fans, we still remember the sense of mystery and imagination the turtles' adventures on the shadowy streets of New York City inspired in us when we were children. I know we want to have that again.
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I was trying to figure out what is wrong with my TMNT fanfic-writing mojo.  I'm getting excited about TMNT again, what with some new issues of Tales that are amazing as well as the new anniversary special.  But when I try to write fanfic, it feels like touching burned skin to make sure it's healed and finding it still hurts.

That made me plunder my head for the reason I write fanfic, and the reason I keep despairing at writing for TMNT.  It occurred to me that I really don't consider a creative work successful until it means something to someone else.  For about a year, probably longer, most reviews received in the fandom are short "I like it!  Update soon!" reviews that give no indication of whether or not the reviewer remembered the fic after they navigated away from the page.  Getting practically nothing but those kinds of reviews really started leaving me cold, like I'd lost my touch, or like I was no longer needed--obsolete, somehow, or at least I'd lost any sort of unique fingerprint.

But then there were those few reviews that really sounded like they were interested in the fic.  I need to focus on THOSE readers and write for them.  That would get me back in the game, even if I was just writing for two or three people.  I could really ENJOY writing TMNT if I remembered that I was writing for people who found meaning, or at least entertainment, in my stories.  The fact that those people are vastly outnumbered by "Update soon" people just made it harder to remember they were there, and I really apologize.

...I have FIVE multichapters to finish--three in TMNT, one in Star Trek, and one in Elfquest.  But Endgame is SO CLOSE to being finished, maybe I'll start with that.
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Thanks again, Kame!

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Thanks go out to Kameterra, my glorious beta.

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Title: Endgame
Author: Tori Angeli
Summary: Sequel to The Halfway Point. An enemy who knows Raphael's secret strikes at his weakest point. Meanwhile, Donatello tries to deal with the unthinkable when Leonardo's vengeance returns to him from a source neither thought possible.
Rating: M/R
Warnings: Language and violence.

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This is a neat little meme Ivy talked me into doing.  This is all the fanfic I've published this year.  Looking back, I'm surprised at how much Don there is in these stories.  And here I thought I wrote him the least.  Anyway, there are eight new stories and one I finished after last year (there were thirteen stories in 2007).  My gosh, has it been that long since I started The Halfway Point?

This year, I resolve (and I NEVER make New Years' Resolutions) to finish Counterplay (might be tough, considering the rate at which I'm going) as well as Endgame (which has yet to be published at all, but I'm working on chapter five already).  I want to be prolific and have lots of fun with writing.  I might even start on an original novel (I am inspired by my grandmother, who is about to become a twice-published author).  Anyway, here is.

One Real Fantasy - For a moment, Don has everything he wants.
Invisibility Check - Donatello is fairly sure something's up. Fairly sure. Not entirely sure. Pretty sure. Something is probably up. In the meantime, he angsts.
The Orphans - When Leo is gone, the rest become separate, isolated, orphaned. A series of oneshots.
The Circle - Don is determined to put things right with Mike when their friendship is strained. He is unprepared, however, for things to be very different from the way he has decided they are. Implied adult content. Set in Aubretia Lycania's trilogy universe.
The Vessel - Only a few know the truth behind Splinter's earliest beginnings, or how an ordinary rat had the ability to shape the world. Splinter is not among them.
Real-Life Batman - One of the Nightwatcher's more obscure adventures comes to light.
Counterplay chapters 1-5 - Separated from his family by an old friend and taken in by an old enemy, an estranged Michelangelo becomes the only thing that can save his family in a game where no one is who they claim to be.
The Stairway of the Mind - Everything is dark, the body is sleepless, and the mind escapes into itself. It is the second-longest night of Donatello's life. Post-Space Invaders.

The Halfway Point - An alternate outcome of Eighteen Minutes. When a brother is attacked, the entire family is wounded. Sometimes, healing is harder than staying hurt. Winner of Best Tragedy/Angst in the 2007 TMNT Fanfic Awards.

New fic!

Nov. 12th, 2008 07:37 pm
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Title: The Vessel
Summary: Only a few know the truth behind Splinter's earliest beginnings, or how an ordinary rat had the ability to shape the world.  Splinter is not among them.
Notes: Betaed by the amazing and illustrious DeeMG.  THANK YOU, DEE!

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I figured out why Counterplay is taking so long--it's two almost-separate stories, and all this time, I've been trying to write them like they're one story.  I think this story will just come more slowly than the others, because for pacing reasons, I need to write the two plots separately and then splice them together.  So to any patient reader who's waiting for the next chapter, I apologize, but this is kind of the nature the story is taking on.  Thanks for hanging in there.
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Sorry it took so many ages.  Thanks again to Winnychan, my incredible beta.

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It's a new fic!  Fifty sentences about Usagi Yojimbo, for the community [profile] 1fandom.

Note: this is not a TMNT fic.  It's strictly UY.  I wanted it to be better than this, but this is now what it is.  Thanks to Winnychan and Aubretia Lycania for their help.

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First of all, eggs, including one of those rareish silver ones. Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Second of all, it has come to my attention that quite a few people have no idea I'm updating Counterplay on  So I'm going to be posting Counterplay here as well.

Title: Counterplay
Summary: Separated from his family by an old friend and taken in by an old enemy, an estranged Michelangelo becomes the only thing that can save his family in a game where no one is who they claim to be.
Rating: T

Prologue )


Jun. 30th, 2008 07:54 pm
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FINALLY working on Counterplay actively again. Working on revising the next chap. It'll hopefully be put up soon. Endgame will take longer, since my beta for THAT is leaving for a month next week. Dunno how long that'll be.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Aren't they adorable?  The first is named Syldra.  I haven't named the rest yet.  They need clicks in order to grow up.  Less than four days!  Hop to it, and thanks for the clicks that got them hatched!
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So I go to the chiropractor, thinking I'm getting a quick fix for some nasty neck and shoulder pain.  My doctor gives me this look and tells me they're not "that kind of chiropractors."  I end up signing up for 12 weeks of physical therapy, the vast majority of which is paid for by my insurance.  Because kids, my neck is a mess.  Your neck is supposed to have a +45 degree curve.  Mine is a -7.  No wonder it hurts.

My mom is all skeptical, and to be honest, so am I, in a healthy way, but if this helps the problems I've had for years, I'm all for it.  My doctor suspects I'll respond very well to treatment given that I already have a healthy lifestyle.  Oh, and the treatment apparently includes weekly massages.  I am all for that.  I have never been to a chiropractor for anything besides a quick fix, but people I trust swear by it, and this is much gentler and more careful than your typical "crack and pop" chiropractor.  So!  Three days a week, and we'll see how it goes.

I am writing, I swear!  Actually, my beta for Counterplay has been swamped, hence the second chapter being late.  Please understand her situation.  I don't want to post the chapter without her feedback.
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Here is the prologue of the Mike-centric epic, as posted on

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Here it is, folks--chapter 15, the very last chapter.  Many, many thanks to my readers, who are the best readers in the universe.  Millions of thanks to Aubretia Lycania, my wonderful beta who never let me put out crap.  It's been neat to write this.

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As I stated in my below post, I would like to post excerpts from my current unfinished projects so people will hold me accountable for finishing them.  In other words, "TORIIIIII!  WORK ON ENDGAME PLEEEEZE I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!"

So.  Here are my stuffs.  Most of them are pretty rough, but they'll give you the basic idea.  Enjoy!


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