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I am going to marry Russell.

That is all.
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Thank God I live in a city that people book tour dates in.

This was my first time seeing So You Think You Can Dance live, but the people I went with said it was the best show yet.  Lots of humor (including the really clever and hilarious use of Jeanine and Phillip's notorious Russian Folk Dance).  Marvelous dancing.  Some of the routines were even better live than they were on the show.  I'll run through a few of the highlights and try not to spoil much for people on my f-list who might be going to the show later on.  I won't run through ALL the highlights, just the ones I have comments on besides "OMG %(*&@)@(*%&@)%@* SO AMAZING!"

First of all, Caitlin and Phillip had more to do than I expected.  They were introduced as "special guests" and were clearly outside of the top ten, but they still came out to introduce the routines at times.  Caitlin had her Bollywood with Jason, and Phillip had his hip-hop (not the chain one) with Jeanine.  I swear, everyone had a 30-second solo as usual except for Phillip, who must have been given a full minute.  He was a blast and nearly as charming as Evan (yes, Evan is even more charming live).   I was pleased to see he kept up with all the other dancers in the group routines--he must have been practicing since he left the show!  I was also pleased to see Jason with so much to do, as he was only beginning to blossom when he was cut from the show.

Hokay, the actual routines.

1. Jeanine and Phillip's hip-hop
I remember how she was so nervous on the show because she'd never done hip-hop before.  She was still hard to look at when Phillip was clearly the experienced one, but she was definitely a lot better than she was on the show, and they seemed to be having a bit more fun.  I still liked the chain dance better. XD

2. Caitlin and Jason's Bollywood
I admit I didn't like this when I saw it on the show.  I love Bollywood, but I thought they were too out-of-sync.  This time, however, they were smashing.

3. Kayla and Kupono's Contemporary "Vampire Dance"
I love this routine beyond all imagination.  This was the dance where I suddenly found Kayla being one of my favorites.  Honestly, she and Jeanine really did make up my top two girls, but I kinda wanted Kayla to win.  She is the most amazing performer, and Kupono just...AHH!  That said, the routine was even more chilling and exciting to see live than it was on TV.  The kind of electricity and chemistry (I hate using that word, but it's so true of them) that they have as a couple doesn't transmit quite as much until you've actually seen them.  Seeing it live also lets you see what the cameras edited out--close to the end, when they're holding hands and, well, shaking violently somehow, they're taking slow, heavy steps forward, not just standing there.  On the show, we didn't see below their waists during that part.

4. Melissa and Ade's classical pas de deux
Romeo and Juliet.  I loved Melissa in this one, and I do love Ade, but he was a little shakier than she was, seeing as how she's a trained ballerina and he's not.  I wasn't crazy about it on the show, but it was so sweet to see live, and it was easy to tell how much of a dream come true it was for Melissa to dance the role of Juliet--she was really into it!

5. Kayla and Jason's "Zombie"Hip-Hop
No eye paint for Kayla! T_T

6. Jeanine and Jason's "Necklace"
To look at it, it was probably the most difficult routine of the night, just because they keep passing the necklace back and forth.  They visibly struggled with the timing this time, and it left me wincing.  I love the routine, and I love these two dancers, but this was definitely sloppier than it was on the show.

7. Janette and Brandon's "Thief" Jazz
No stairs!  But still very cute and charming.

8. Anything Janette Did
It's only AFTER the show that I see why she was Mia's favorite.  Something about seeing her live, although I knew from the beginning that she could do anything.

9. Jeanine and Brandon's Paso Doble
AUGH IT ROCKS.  So much more electrifying live.  I feel that of any of the girls, Jeanine is the most likely to be able to pull off a paso doble.  I really think that she tops the other ladies as far as sheer physical strength goes, which makes her such a great match for Brandon in routines like this and "Battlefield."  And Brandon, of course, is just unbelievable.  Always knew he'd make the top four.

10. Kayla and Kupono's "Addiction" Contemporary
Again, even more amazing live.  Kayla is just like no one else.  The one thing they changed was that she actually walks away at the end, instead of standing there with her arms hanging loose and looking completely wasted.  I kinda liked it the first way better.

11. Melissa and Ade's "Breast Cancer" Contemporary
Okay, I am finally a true believer.  On the show, I was kind of rolling my eyes and thinking Tyce DiOrio was just trying to outdo Mia Michaels in the "empathy for the plight of the messed up person" department, but I must have missed that he was writing the dance as a tribute to his close friend who was dealing with breast cancer.  Seeing the dance live did make me cry.  Melissa and Ade were so beautiful through the whole thing, and it felt like being shocked every time he forced her back on her feet.

Between routines, the dancers came out and announced the next routine.  The best at doing this, in my opinion, were Randi and Phillip.  They were both personable and made the scripting their own.  Kupono was also delightful.  I did have to put up with hearing one of the people I went with calling Randi "fat" (Randi, if you haven't seen the show, is the thickest-set girl, very curvy and gorgeous but not bird-boned like a few of them).

Anyway, it was an amazing night.  I'm still processing the awesome of it all.  There were a lot more routines than the one I listed, and they were all just superb, but those were the ones I clearly remembering having thoughts on.

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I don't think many people on my f-list, if any, watch So You Think You Can Dance, but I gotta rant and I think you'll understand this anyway.

There's this one dancer who didn't really do anything for me until a couple weeks ago, when she completely blew me away and turned my brain on to her mind-blowing talent.  She seems really nice and never comes across as arrogant.  The judges adore her.  For some reason, America doesn't seem to.  After performing in the best routine of the night, perhaps of the season so far, she ended up in the bottom three couples.  She wasn't cut, fortunately, but it really struck me as odd.  Then I read an article that hit the nail on the head--she's a blonde-haired blue-eyed petite beauty who can do anything she puts her mind to.  Most of America hated this kind of girl in high school, and regardless of her dancing and whether or not they actually know her, are still holding a petty grudge against an attractive girl who doesn't apologize for her gifts.  She's not even being over-hyped--she really is that good.

She wasn't in the bottom three last night, fortunately, so maybe people are getting the idea.  In place of her and her partner were the couple who actually fell at the end of one of their routines (the judges laughed it off, but I think America jumped right on it).  After this, though, when we're voting for her as an individual and not a member of a duo, I fear for how long she'll last.  I wouldn't mind seeing her in the finale, personally.  I mean, look at this addiction-themed routine.


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