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I'm trying out something new.  I have not decided yet if this plus account is worth it, but I like the extra icons and pic space and especially the comment pages looking the same as the rest of the journal.  Also, I have no money.  Well, I have money, but can't spare it for things like this.  So if the ads are annoying anyone, I'll switch back.

I decided to stop NaNo.  Just not worth it anymore.

I did, however, come up with a decent bunny for a crack!fic.  The title: "The Mary Sue in Spite of Herself."  Yes, it's a take on the name of the Moliere play "The Doctor in Spite of Himself."  Inspired by Cleolinda's "Cleo Sue" (who was an actual sue, not a girl transforming into a Sue against her will, but this presentation is much like hers), ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the introduction of Maria Victoria "Tori Sue" Angeli.


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