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Tori Angeli ([personal profile] tori_angeli) wrote2012-06-02 12:53 am

Muse List

Lt. Archie Kennedy | [personal profile] simplestgift [community profile] luceti 
   Canon: Hornblower
   Canon Point: Post-Retribution
   Strength: 10/10
Indisputably my main muse.  I have loved Archie for about a decade now.  He feeds into my love of history and the time period, and set the standard for my character "type," the gentle soul.

M'man Archie Kennedy | [personal profile] unneeded  [community profile] demeleier 
   Canon: Hornblower
   Canon Point: Post-Even Chance
   Strength: 8/10
Same character, completely different canon point.

Bilbo Baggins | [personal profile] barrel_rider  | Homeless
   Canon: The Hobbit
   Canon Point: Undecided
   Strength: 4/10
I picked him up during a reread.  One of my favorite characters ever.

Gregor Vorbarra | [personal profile] vor [community profile] luceti 
   Canon: The Vorkosigan Saga
   Canon Point: The Vor Game, chapter 8
   Strength: 10/10
Gregor is another long-loved character, but a far cry from the extroverts I am usually comfortable with.  He's a challenge, but very much a welcome one.

Guinevere | [personal profile] reginabritannia | Homeless
   Canon: Merlin
   Canon Point: Undecided
   Strength: 2/10
Picked up on an impulse, hardly voice tested, unlikely to be apped.

Irvine Kinneas |[personal profile] take_a_shot  | Homeless (Prev. [community profile] luceti )
   Canon: Final Fantasy VIII
   Canon Point: Post-game
   Strength: 3/10
Easygoing, cocky, but ultimately wouldn't hurt a fly who wouldn't hurt one of his friends.  Of course I love him.

Joseph Clay | [personal profile] keenly | Homeless
   Canon: The Price of Honour
   Canon Point: Undecided
   Strength: 8/10
I read a friend's NaNoWriMo novel and got a muse out of it.  So?  He's awesome.

Julian Bell | [personal profile] burns_so_brightly  | Homeless (Prev. [community profile] luceti )
   Canon: Cambridge Spies
   Canon Point: Post-series
   Strength: 2/10
I was talked into Julian because a friend plays Guy Burgess, who suffered badly from unrequited love for him.  We were able to give him some peace and forgiveness in Luceti, and Julian had served his purpose.

Molly Grue | [personal profile] burned_marian  | Homeless
   Canon: The Last Unicorn
   Canon Point: Undecided
   Strength: 3/10
Molly is a downright sacred character to me, so much so that I'm afraid to do too much voice testing with her lest I mangle her badly.

Peeta Mellark | [personal profile] victorbychance [community profile] luceti 
   Canon: The Hunger Games
   Canon Point: Forty-five seconds before the Quarter Quell begins.
   Strength: 7/10
Peeta was an instant muse, almost.  He is exactly my kind of character, so it was a natural fit.

Rob Anybody Feegle | [personal profile] wee_big_man  | Homeless
   Canon: Discworld
   Canon Point: After I Shall Wear Midnight
   Strength: 6/10
I wanted a Discworld muse pretty badly.  Then I remembered Rob, and I voice tested him, and he was a blast.  He makes an appearance now and then, and I still flirt with apping him somewhere.

Thranduil |  [personal profile] elvenking   | Homeless
   Canon: The Hobbit
   Canon Point: Shortly after the end of the book.
   Strength: 7/10
Surprisingly fun.  Just damned hard to find icons for.  I guess I only have to wait till the second film comes out, but still.  Anyway, my first choice was Thingol, but I figured Thranduil would be a little easier to thread around with, as people more frequently play characters who know him as opposed to Thingol.  And Thranduil's friendlier.  But they still have a similar base temperament, so.  It worked out.

Lt. Tom Pullings | [personal profile] themaiden   | Homeless
   Canon: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 
   Canon Point: Undecided
   Strength: 6/10
Picked this one up after attending the Festival of Sail.  He's such a dear farm boy and I completely adore him.